CNC Turning

The CNC Machining department at Benton Machine Works (BMW-CNC) is staffed with experienced and skilled machinists that program CNC lathes and produce precise parts per customer requirements.


Turn to Benton Machine Works for the precise accuracy, fast production time, superior finish, cost efficiency, and superior quality parts from our CNC Milling Center.

Conventional Milling

When a project requires conventional method milling instead of CNC Milling, Benton Machine Works is flexible enough to be efficient in small production runs as well as full-out, high quantity and highly automated processes.

Conventional Turning

Whether it's horizontal machining or vertical, our versatility gives you the work you need in a timely manner and an excellent price. Our conventional turning facilities offer flexibility for those jobs that just don't make sense for a automated process.

Surface Grinding

Benton Machine Works provides precision surface grinding services for the most demanding projects. With over 45 years experience, when in need of precision ground, flat and parallel parts to specific close tolerences, give us a call.

Blanchard Grinding

With a 42" Blanchard grinder, Benton Machine Works provides close tolerance grinding services for wide surface area projects. Our shop offers grinding services small, mid and high volume applications. Give us a call.

Spring Manufacturing

Benton Machine has specialized in spring manufacturing for many years. We represent numerous suppliers and can help supply custom springs for almost any application.

Welding and Fabrication

Our Welding and Fabrication area of the shop allows us to handle many tasks from small to medium sized projects. The latest equipment and technology mean fast and profession results every time.

Reverse Engineering

Reproduction of parts using only samples and knowledge of application is a service Benton Machine Works offers to  when obsolete parts and support require maintenance.


Many industries utilize conveyor type lines that require bearing land and journal repair. This type of repair is readily available for quick turnaround to keep productivity at its peak.


Our 14" production band saw allows us to save you time and money for large cutting jobs. From pipe to billet, we can cut your material to required sizes.

Internal Key Seat Turning

Our DCM Key seat Machine allows us to cut internal key ways in coupling, bearing housings, etc up to 1" wide and 9" long.

Prototype machining

Benton Machine Works provides prototype CNC machined parts. Our subtractive rapid prototyping process combines traditional rapid prototyping with CNC machining to deliver speed, convenience, real material properties and improved surface finishes.

Emergency Repair Service

Benton Machine is available 24/7 for emergency repair service. Always on call and ready to meet your need, day or night.

Motor Shaft Repair/MFG

Benton Machine Works is your one stop shop for the highest quality repair and manufacturing work. With a dedicated machinst in shop, we're capable of repairing shafts which will always match or beat manufacture rated specifications.

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